Exterior doors to the house



High quality external doors to your home

The choice of external doors directly translates into the level of comfort and security of your home. Therefore, match the model to your needs so that it provides a sense of peace to your household members. Before making a decision, pay particular attention to parameters such as thermal insulation, acoustic protection and burglary resistance.

The door should provide protection against burglary, cold or noise. The guarantee of safety and comfort means high technical parameters and meeting the standards. In POL-SKONE's offer you will find solid external doors for a single-family house for many years. The brand's external door collections are distinguished by high heat transfer coefficients. The doors are made with utmost care, which is confirmed e.g. by solid construction based on pine or oak wooden frame.

The unique design will give an elegant frame to your building. Interesting glazing arrangements, decorative frames, stainless steel applications. The surfaces of the leaves are painted with opaque or transparent paints.

Rich accessories

External doors are one of the most important elements of a house. Their solidity is also influenced by standard and additional equipment. POL-SKONE, depending on the collection, offers a wide range of equipment that can improve the quality of the door, e.g. oak threshold, reinforcement with steel profiles, anti-theft system, thermal insulation layer, anti-burglary glass, gasket system package. It is possible to add transom lights.

POL-SKONE quality and experience

POL-SKONE brand is a guarantee of the highest quality and reliability. As a renowned manufacturer of doors and windows, which for 30 years has been creating its products with passion and thinking about the requirements and needs of customers, we set trends on the woodwork market. One of the most important distinctions confirming the quality of our products is the international FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®️ certificate awarded to POL-SKONE exclusively to manufacturers who meet above-average environmental and social standards. The company's products are a perfect complement to interiors of any style. POL-SKONE doors have been appreciated for years both by individual customers and professionals.