Fire doors


Safety for good - fire doors by POL-SKONE

POL-SKONE doors EI 30 PLUS and EI 60 PLUS with high parameters of fire resistance and soundproofness guarantee safety and comfort of persons staying inside the building. In addition, the possibility of making a wing as high as 2.5 m and a wide range of woodwork finishes including more than 80 colours give great freedom of matching it to individual functional and aesthetic requirements.

EI 30 PLUS and EI 60 PLUS doors, thanks to modern manufacturing technology and specially developed structure of the leaf and frame have excellent technical parameters in terms of fire resistance (30 and 60 min) and soundproofness (27 and 32 dB). Due to these properties, the EI PLUS joinery is dedicated to all public buildings where it is important to meet the fire safety requirements and ensure the privacy of individual rooms. The EI 30 PLUS and EI 60 PLUS doors, in accordance with construction law regulations, can be used as so-called fire separation elements used to create cut-off zones.

Safety, comfort and durability

Depending on the building design and technical requirements to be met, the EI 30 PLUS and EI 60 PLUS doors can be made in non-standard heights up to 2.5 m on the external side of the frame. As standard, the doors are available in width "90", with a choice of two optional leaf widths: "100" i "110". The joinery is made in the rebate system with the possibility of adjusting hinges in 3 planes. The frame is filled with a 3-layer chipboard with fire-resistant properties, and is covered with HDF panels from the outside. A complete EI 30 PLUS, EI 60 PLUS set consists of a wing and frame, which may be wooden or metal. Thanks to high fire resistance parameters the EI PLUS door can withstand fire for 30 or 60 minutes, which enables a free evacuation and firefighting action in separate zones. The EI PLUS joinery is made from high quality materials, which guarantee its functionality and aesthetic appearance for many years. This is particularly important in public buildings, where due to the high volume of traffic the doors are exposed to faster wear. On a daily basis, the EI 30 PLUS, EI 60 PLUS doors ensure well-being conditions inside the room due to high acoustic insulation of 27 or 32 dB. They effectively suppress noise, which is very important both in public buildings and residential buildings. In order to increase comfort and safety in the facility it is worth taking care of additional equipment of the door in the form of a panic lever, surface or concealed door closer, electronic locks, access control systems or a peephole. On special request, the EI 30 PLUS, EI 60 PLUS doors are available in a smoke-proof version.

Elegance in a simple form

The designers of the EI 30 PLUS and EI 60 PLUS joinery, bearing in mind the diversity of objects, have set a goal of universality. The doors have a modern and simple design, which makes it possible to use them in buildings of any architectural style. The offer includes single- and double-leaf models with a full leaf, which are perfect as entrance doors to flats, hotel rooms and offices, as well as glazed versions. Glazing is available in several sizes with different locations on the surface of the leaf, which allows you to choose them according to the purpose of the room. The offer also includes a door model with porthole, dedicated especially to restaurants and hotels. POL-SKONE offers a wide selection of technology and colours for door finishing (over 80 standard colours). The doors may be painted, veneered, covered with CPL laminates or one of the coatings: ECO TOP, LAMISTONE, SILKSTONE. The colour of wooden door frames is each time matched to the colour of the leaf. On the other hand, metal frames are coated in one of 8 RAL colours as a standard, optionally it is possible to use other colours from the RAL palette (except for metallic and pearl colours). The rich offer enables adjusting the joinery to the decor of the building and its functionality and technical requirements. The original design of the doors makes them a striking finish to any modern architecture.