Windows and doors are our passion, which we have been developing for 30 years. Many years of experience has allowed POL-SKONE to become a leader of innovative technologies of woodwork in Poland. We continuously create and improve our offer based on ecological and durable wood. This raw material not only brings warmth, lightness and naturalness to interiors, but also has a good impact on our health. It magically wraps the space with its natural charm making the flat a real kingdom of rest and allows for free implementation of unique and avant-garde projects. We make every effort to meet the requirements of our Customers and care for the natural environment at the same time.

  • interior doors in rebated and non-rebated system, with the option of finishing the surface with ecological acrylic paints in non-metallic RAL and NCS colours, wood veneers with wood texture, CPL laminates (0.2 mm, 0.5 mm, 07 mm) and HPL (0.6 mm -1.0 mm) and veneered surface covered additionally with UV varnish, which increases resistance to scratches and light
  • entrance doors, including antiburglary and soundproof doors
  • external doors with anti-burglary protection
  • technical doors: soundproof, fire and special-purpose doors (for swimming pools and x-ray rooms)
  • fixed, adjustable frames, covered HARMONY and with untypical VERTIGO top panel
  • door trims
  • skirting boards
  • wooden windows (pine, oak) and wood-aluminium
  • shutters

The abundance of colours and types of surface finish of POL-SKONE products makes it possible to create a unique space. When choosing the joinery for our house, we do not think only about design, but also about safety and silence, therefore, apart from design, we develop modern constructions and provide you with products of excellent technical parameters.

To meet the expectations of design studios, architects and interior designers, we have created a page with CAD libraries of our products. You can find drawings of our doors in 3DS, CAD 3D and RFA formats at