What colour should I choose for my door?

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Does the colour of the door affect the perception of the interior? What should be taken into account when choosing the right shade? We suggest how to choose the colour of the woodwork.

The colour of the door joinery should harmonise with the interior. Modern décor trends do not impose restrictions on the selection of colours. Both vivid colours and subdued pastels can co-create a fashionable flat, matching the colour preferences of the household members.

The tone of the door plays an important role in shaping the space. Remember to match it to the colours of the walls, floors and furniture. When choosing the colour you should also consider the effect you want to achieve in the interior. The shade of the leaves will affect the sense of brightness of the room and the prevailing mood.

Doors ESPINA pattern W01, frame SYSTEM DIN

Light or dark door woodwork?
POL-SKONE offers a wide colour palette for doors. In rooms where saturated colours dominate, it is recommended to use light woodwork, whereas dark woodwork will look more impressive in interiors with subdued colours. Dark doors will strengthen the impression of chic, light ones of cosiness.

With strong wall tones, door models in light colours will look best - for example white, which brighten up the wall and make the interior look light and spacious. This impression can be intensified by using models with glazing.

Door ETIUDA LUX pattern A02, door-frame regulated system DIN

Dark woodwork creates a striking contrast with white, beige and pastels, giving the interior an elegant character. The original design is varied by, for example, fluted panels.

SEMPRE ONDA pattern W00 (door on the left),
pattern W03 (door on the right), door frame regulated by SYSTEM DIN

Fashionable or classic door colours?
We also match the colour of the door to the style of the interior. If our flat is dominated by a classic decor, let's bet on timeless notes. Trendy woodwork trends are sure to appear in fashionably furnished flats.

In the painted collections of POL-SKONE, thanks to almost infinite RAL and NCS palettes, we will find a door shade matching our house. Current trends are dominated by colours such as: white, grey, black. Stylish, classic white doors can be selected, for example, from the FIORD or VERTIGO lines. Modern premises will be highlighted by CAMBIO or SUBLIME designs.

Doors SUBLIME pattern B11, adjustable frame SYSTEM DIN

Black doors, available in various collections such as TIARA or IMPULS, are gaining popularity. Trendy designs in the coming seasons will also include grey doors, ideal for the industrial style e.g. HAPTIC in titano or DECO in industry or anthracite.

Doors DECO pattern 05, adjustable door frame SYSTEM DIN

Timeless references to nature do not lose their popularity. In the POL-SKONE colour range it is also worth paying attention to a wide range of wood shades. Doors with wood motifs are a coming hit. An interesting novelty, i.e. oak delano available e.g. in MONA patterns, will become a clear accent of the decor due to its strong grain. Exceptional spaces will also be highlighted by the veneered ESPINA in European oak.

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